Hello everyone!

We've been working on some stuff on the server. To make it a more pleasent experience. Followed are the changes that are made. This is not a big update and if your idea's that you submitted to our aren't in this update, don't worry, they might happen in the next one.

- Coin push addon is updated.
- Meth is now more profitable. ($20 > $40 per gram)
- Bitcoin fixed. You don't have to put the components in in a certain order.
- Bitcoin boosted. ($18 > $25 per bitcoin)
- Warrant length doubled. (30 sec > 60 sec)
- Fixed the tow truck.
- Tow truck now merged with mechanic.
- New S.W.A.T model.

There will be a update for smurfrp Smile

We will fix some stuff and add some stuff aswell.

One thing that will be fixed is the bitcoin Smile

Hello guys.

So this is a update.

We added some stuff that was requested on fider, we also fixed some bugs. Thanks to everyone that submitted these.

+Fixed a problem where you could not put hits on people with owner rank.
+Boosted bitcoin miner abit from 15 to 18. Let's start with this and boost it more over time.
+You can now buy more props in the SmurfRP Shop! 
+Added a Bail NPC.
+Added drugsmod back. So now drug dealer job is back and bartender can buy beer again. 
+Fixed a problem with East Coast leader.
+Added SmurfRP Radio to ingame car radio.
+Added a tow truck job.
+The work on the new website has started. I will release the beta soon.
+Fixed the stack limit.

NOTE: This is the first update. There will be another update next week.

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